Minggu, 07 Maret 2010

indonesia's condition

i write this article just want to reveal my heart to public
my heart always making question make? why indonesia condition always get problem with a financial government?? are officials don't think about poor society, where is putted their brain? what is the major problem in indonesia? it is about indonesia government or it's some of ministry and the other???
in this article i want to know the major problem of my country, as i know that is indonesia is fertile country whatever in indonesia is exist. indonesia is rich country by a various natural source, goals, oil, coal, and some of the forest is world lung. is wrong people it self or it is too much about corruption??? SBY government has form corruption edication commission or (KPK) it is clear that is will help indonesia financial problem, but in the fact? no i said. because more problem still increase, the example now is century not yet end. and the other problem again still not reveal yet.